What is E-medup?

E-medup (Electronic medical updates) is a web portal, created by students of medicine, and the other health-focused divisions. We would like to deliver to you actual and expert verified information from world of the health and healthy lifestyle.

Why are we doing this?

These days, the internet became source of the information for everyone. But the fact is, that even if internet contains also the truth, it is full od the half-truth information or desinformation. They are to recognize, if you are not a professional. Because of that, we decided to create the portal e-medup, as a source of information for those, who are searching for the answers in the health field. We are going to offer truthful, complex and most up-to-date facts!

Why you should believe to students?

As a students of the medicine centred divisions, we have acces to newest information, as well as contact with numbers of professionals, that are leading us in our studies. We are up-to-date, unaffected by any companies, and what is most important – enthusiastic and happy about what we are doing. We are really caring about that, that public have acces to right solutions and methods.

Feedback system

Each article is checked and approved by a professional in the target field.

Hierarchy of our redaction system is checking that every article wents through more readings – that means that is checked at first by more students, and in our case also by the reader from non-medical field. Then by the professional. All of that is because of we care about writing you, not only in high quality, but also comprehensibly and we will do maximum for this!